The Story You Tell Yourself

The mind makes sense of the world by running a narrative that’s not unlike a movie. Major events happen that tell us where we are in the story and why: we are born, we grow up, we become trained in something, we get married, friends die.

Think Like an Olympian

Training to be an Olympian is always hard. It requires long hours of physical training, sacrifice as a personal and social life is put on hold, focus, determination and the ability to remain mentally tough. While it’s the physical side everyone focuses on, because it’s the most visible, it’s the mental one that actually makes a difference big enough to deliver the medals.

What It Took To Write The Sniper Mind - Part I

Every book, these days, is the result of the efforts of many people. Sure the writer sits behind the keyboard and bangs away at it like a deranged pianist (at least that’s what I do), but without the assistance of many other people along the way the writing is unlikely to see the light of day, nor is it likely to be any good when it does.

Singularity Achieved!

Kurzweil claims that the singularity, the point at which machine intelligence will exceed our own and the lines between machines and ourselves will become blurred, will happen by 2045 but for the nematode C. elegans that future is now.

Why Multitasking Is Killing Your Success

Have you ever picked up your cell phone while driving? How about answering the phone while typing at your laptop? Have you tried watching a film while talking to a friend? Which part of the conversation and how much of the plot could you remember afterwards?

Why It’s Expensive to Pay Attention

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Do you really remember? How was it different from yesterday? What clothes was the person you are most emotionally attached to wearing yesterday?