The Sniper Mind Moment in Your Decision Making

There comes a moment in your day, your week or your life when you have to make a critical decision. The moment you realize the magnitude of the decision you have to make you are also least likely to make the right choice.

Your Brain is Better Than a Supercomputer

When a seemingly ordinary math problem becomes something that is impossible to solve the transformation reveals the boundary that marks the limit of our technological capabilities and the wonder that is the human brain. The process also teaches us something vital: just how much we can rely on our technology for our critical decision-making and at which point we need to use our own skills and talents.

Fifty Reasons To Retrain Your Brain

We know that a brain left to its own devices is like a field left unmanaged. Yes, it is a field, but beyond what chance and nature placed there, it is unlikely to be of any great usefulness or, indeed, value. Training our brain though requires commitment and it takes effort. We need to have clear reasons for embarking upon it. So, here are fifty of them to help you: 

How To Rewire Your Brain

You’re reading this because you know it will give you a way to get smarter. Each time we read something new, an opinion, some fresh research or someone else’s thoughts, we synthesize the information inside our own mental world, taking something that is immaterial and invisible and incorporating it into the electrochemical reality that is our brain.