The Challenge of Change And How To Do it Really Well

Change is truly constant. No business and no person remains the same. Because we are all constantly engaged in a complex dance of evolution as an adaptive response to the changes we feel happening around us it seems strange that we have so many “change management” courses. Even stranger, for people whose entire life is spent living in constant change we seem to be really bad at actually dealing with it.

The Sniper Mind Quotes You Can Share

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Responsibility and where it starts Tweet thisTweet: Personal responsibility starts only after you enter the

Prepare Your Mind For Success With This Sure-Fire Formula


When Benjamin Franklin said that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” he intuitively understood something that neuroscience is only now discovering. Namely, that the mindset we carry is more critical to our success (and survival) than any amount of expertise or any kind of tools we might have at hand. 

Facing The Things You Fear The Most

Let’s talk about a life and death scenario. You’re a badass Navy SEAL, kitted out to the teeth, jumping off a helicopter, at night, low over water into a choppy sea. You’re going to have to assemble a raft, paddle to your landing zone and then initiate a risky mission governed by a multitude of factors outside your control.