The Psychology of Social Media Engagement

We’ve now had enough data on social media engagement and its effects to know A. that it is desirable to the degree that it has become the Holy Grail of social media activity and B. That it is maturing as an activity which means that despite what technology is or is not allowing us to do what ultimately drives it are the same basic principles that drive human behavior.

How To Think Like A Sniper Thinks

The world is chaotic. There is a fluidity to it that comes from the modular elements that make up all its moving parts. They rub up against each other and change how they all fit together on the fly. To the naked eye and the untrained mind it appears unstructured. Crazy.

Strategy and Tactics in Your Executive Decision Making

Everything starts from the mind. Without thought nothing can actually take place. But that doesn’t make every action equal in value. When we talk about strategy and tactics in business, most business executives use the two terms interchangeably. The argument goes that tactics are strategy and action is strategic.