Independent Bookstore Finder for The Sniper Mind

A basic tenet of The Sniper Mind is that we can live our life in a highly effective, intentional way that allows us to control our emotions, make better decisions and pick the choices that guide our steps towards the life we want to live instead of the life that circumstances and situations had down to us.Within that spirit it’s important to remember that everything we do doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It aligns with the actions of countless others which, eventually, combine to create the very world we live in. Everything, from global trade imbalances to the creation of fashion trends, tech innovation and book bestsellers, and countless other things we end up experiencing, start out as a perceived need or want backed up by a commercial purchase decision.

The Sniper Mind is no different. As a book it helps you better understand how you function by exploring the very edge of neuroscience and elite military, sports and business performers and, at the same time, its purchase signals an interest we all have on how the “human element” can be improved. Similarly its purchase has an impact that reaches well beyond the small amount leaving your wallet.

Buy it on Amazon and you become part of the wave of buyers who have pushed it to the forefront of books on that site, helping others discover it who mightn’t otherwise. Their lives, thoughts and ideas suddenly changed because you decided to join the thousands of others who bought my book that way.

Today, on Independent Bookstore Day if you haven’t yet got a copy, I am hoping you will choose to but The Sniper Mind in a different way. By choosing a local bookstore near you essentially you cast a vote on the kind of microeconomy you want to live in that directly affects the development arc of your local community and its quality of life.

None of us, in the grand scheme of things, are tasked with changing the world, shaping its development or deciding just how the future will unfold. These things, we think, are beyond our ken, too big and complex to be affected by us alone. If you believe that you’re right. Alone we are pretty helpless and ineffectual.

But we are not alone. While we may make our purchase decisions in privacy and isolation the right decision, the right choice has the power to become part of something bigger that actually has an impact.

What we need is the awareness of the effect of our actions, the mindfulness required to show us just how everything is connected and the knowledge that without our money nothing happens. The world comes to a standstill and we all go back to living in caves and hunting dinosaurs with stone clubs. Because money is the enabling factor that eventually leads to the creation of marvels such as mobile ecommerce and next-day delivery systems across countries spending it, today, has to be a less impulsive, much more carefully considered decision.

So, go local. Even if it’s for just one day.