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Back in 2017, as I was preparing for the launch of The Sniper Mind I began putting together a series of Tweets. Some were quotes lifted directly from the book itself. Others were notes I had made in different sections that were designed to inspire me and give me a sense of direction as I was writing the book. Others still were thematic summaries, acting as signposts for what lay ahead or what was now behind a particular section of the book.

Taken in their entirety they are, in many ways, the metadata that tells us what the book itself is about and what it is designed to do. Over the past few weeks I have spent quite some time considering them all. Because my Tweets and sharing of these across social media channels was done a bit at a time and the memes and graphics were created piecemeal to fit in with the requirements of the day there was no overarching plan guiding it all (because I really detest the artifice of marketing plus, like everyone else I am being pulled in all directions at once).

However, there is no escaping the themes of the book and their impact and the memes and graphics, once examined become the metadata that creates a mindmap of sorts that create a thematic navigational aid to the book itself. In pulling them together I had to be a little selective and prune some otherwise the page itself would have been way too graphic heavy to load properly (I am bending quite a few SEO rules in putting it together).

Luckily it is always easier to prune than not have enough material. I created eight categories to fit everything in which are also provide a sense of progression in themselves: Fear, Identity, Motivation, Mental Edge, Attentional Control, Decision Making, Planning, Taking Action. Dive in. See what you see:


The Fear we feel is born of our mind from The Sniper Mind

Fear recruits our imagination and turns our brain against us.

Fearlessness is an acquired response
Fearlessness is an acquired response.

Insecurity and The Sniper Mind
Our insecurities drive us. Our fears control us. We try to hide the first and deny the second and it is exhausting us.

The Isolation We Feel from
The fears you face alone are always overwhelming.


Becoming who we are and the sniper mind         The person you become is the person you allow yourself to be.

Discipline and the sniper mind
The discipline that transforms you always comes from within.

Discomfort and Transformation from
We grow by overcoming discomfort, not avoiding it.

Discomfort and how best to deal with it, from
You can’t become yourself without learning to live with discomfort.

Effort and The Sniper Mind
It’s not the effort to get ‘there’ that kills us, but the effort to stay ahead.

identity and the crowd - The Sniper Mind
To know who you truly are in a crowd gives you control over your destiny.

Origin myth, Identity and The Sniper Mind
We all need a personal mythology not because it tells us who we are but because it tells us who to aspire to be.

Discover who you are through The Sniper Mind
Find yourself.

Know who you are through The Sniper Mind
Know yourself.

Create your new self through
You build the person you want to be every day, one tiny step at a time.

Be You through the Sniper Mind
It takes real effort to truly be ourselves.


Start Each day full of emotion from

You start each day full of emotion. What happens next depends on how you choose to control it.

Feelings and Emotions are different from
To understand why Feelings ≠ Emotions consider that Happiness is a feeling and Joy is an emotion.

Limitations and capabilities define us from
Some people are defined by their limitations. Others by their capabilities.

Motivation and how to define it from
Fathom your motivation so that you understand what you’re prepared to do and why.

Motivation and how to maintain it from
You need a reason to begin something and then you need a reason to continue.

Adversity and motivation from
Your willingness to face adversity is exactly proportionate to your motivation.

Perception emerges from the mind
Perception requires a sense of mind.

Personal Growth and The Sniper Mind
Every means of challenge becomes a pathway to growth.

Point of view in your thinking and The Sniper Mind
Change every sentence from “I” to “We”. Then feel the difference in your thinking.

Potential and The Sniper Mind
Be all you can be.

Purpose and The Sniper Mind
Without a clear sense of purpose each day is a search in the fog.

Reality and The Sniper Mind
Reality is not a thought experiment.

Rituals and The Sniper Mind
The rituals we create for ourselves serve as platforms that launch our consciousness higher.

Sense of Purpose and The Sniper Mind
When was the last time you started the day with a clear, overriding sense of purpose?

Be Unstoppable from
If one at a time you identify and remove every mental obstacle that stops you, what can stand in your way?

Vulnerability is part of Growth
Failure is an inevitable part of our journey through life and vulnerability is an integral part of our character.

Mental Edge

Learning in the sniper mind way            We cannot learn something new and stick to it without a modular approach to application, positive reinforcement and a real change of environment.

Mental Clarity and The Sniper Mind
The fog you feel inside your head is due to lack of focus.

The Sniper Mind and Body Connection
Without the mind the body is not capable of delivering anything beyond an average performance.

Morning Rituals Mental Triggers and The Sniper Mind
Rituals are mental triggers. They unlock mental connections that change us.

The Sniper Mind and what we see
When you don’t see what’s beyond your eyes, it is your mind that’s to blame.

Self Belief and The Sniper Mind
To get the outcome you want you need to feel you can achieve it.

Attentional Control

Attention and The Sniper Mind

The brain forms neural networks for everything you pay attention to.

The Things We Notice are the Things we See - from
We only notice the things we see.

information and the sniper mind
When everything is information your ability to see more of it than others is what sets you apart.

Decision Making

Critical Decision Making and The Sniper Mind

Every critical decision you make defines what happens next.

Decisions and what they do from
Every decision casts light in the darkness of our mind.

Decision making is part of a process from
The moment you find yourself in started long ago, with choices you made and decision you took.

Decisions create paths to follow from
Every decision produces its own path.

Decisions change us from
Every decision you make changes you.

Decisions have consequences from
Every decision has a consequence. Every choice is a decision.

Indecision is a decision in itself from
We are incredibly good at rationalizing why we can’t make a decision. What if every obstacle was removed? What then?

Intentional means decisive, from
Being intentional means that every decision you make acknowledges what’s of true value to you.

Where We Go Depends on Where We Think we Are, from
The way out of the woods demands a sense of direction.

The point of no return in our decision making
The moment when we become aware of the decision we’ve taken, is actually way past the point of no return.


Architects of our decision-making, from

We are the architects of who we become. But we need to first understand, plan and have a direction.

Direction and our decision making, from
The steps that get us “there” are guided by our ability to set a direction.

Failure to plan and decision making from
Failure to plan is to plan to fail.

Fluidity, change and decision making - the sniper mind
Fluidity in the problems you face demands agility in the solutions you propose.

Hope and planning, from
Hope is not a strategy. Plan your success.

Plans and structure - the sniper mind
Plans without structure never materialize.

Taking Action

Actions define us, from

We are defined by our actions. They are the embodiment of our thoughts.

Reading is an adaptive response, from
Reading, like storytelling, is a biologically adaptive response that aids our survival.

Become really adaptive, from
“Become like water my friend.”

Change the world, from
The world has changed. Have you?

Anger, Achievement and The Sniper Mind
Achieve more. Channel your anger.

Decisiveness and action sap your drive and energy as much as indecisiveness and inaction. But in the process you overcome your doubt and get rid of your uncertainty.

Incremental change has large effect
It’s not the confusion of change that defeats our efforts to improve, but the magnitude of the change we implement. We learnt to run via ‘baby steps’ for a reason.

Perfect moments and the sniper mind
There is no perfect. There is only the moment in which things feel right.

Success is a team sport - the sniper mind
Success is a team sport.

Survive against the odds with the sniper mind
Soldiers are taught to survive in an environment that’s designed to kill them. Do you really think there’s anything they cannot then do?

Create an advantage for yourself - the sniper mind
Every considered choice you make builds your tactical advantage.

Team work creates opportunities - the sniper mind
It takes a team to make a game. No person alone can go far, for long.

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