Define your core values and understand who you really are.

The bedrock of your being is a construct. It is created by what's really deep-down, important to you. It is the sum of all your true beliefs, values and ideas. It goes beyond what is socially nice or socially imposed or traditional or conventional. That bedrock is what keeps you who you are as time passes and everything that is physically you changes. It keeps you who you are when your environment changes and you find yourself away from home, family, friends and allies. It keeps you who you are when seemingly all hope has been lost, when everything is against you and when the whole world appears to have been designed to crush you.

That core is no accident. It will always form regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. But if you're not aware of it, your part in its construction is mostly incidental. To some extent we are all products of our upbringing, our home environment, the things that happened to us, where we were born, who we met, how life turned out. At the same time we also have the power to look deep inside ourselves the way no one else can, confront the things we do not like and understand some of the things we do and, establish our red lines. The things that ultimately make us stronger because our foundation is sound. 

Do you know who you are? Really? 


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