Be you, it will make your life easier in the long-term

If we cannot deliver value in who we are it is highly unlikely that what we do will be of any benefit. Who we are is determined by the sum total of our experiences, aspirations, beliefs, drives, emotions, hopes and dreams. The sum total of all that spells "values". It forms our red lines and our justification for not sticking to them. Here's a truth: if you're not liked for who you are, what you do is unlikely to make people change their minds.

Examining who we are, really, is not easy. It makes for unpalatable truths. We often uncover things we don't like. Memories and realizations that hurt. Yet that is also the first step towards remaking ourselves. Creating the person we want to be as opposed to the person circumstances have made us. Be you. The you, you want to be! Start today. Now.


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