Break through the wall that's stopping you.

We all hit a wall at some point. Things get too much, we run out of physical, mental or emotional energy. Too many complicated things come at us too fast. The belief is that all you have to do to get through is keep on going but that isn't right and it is never enough. A wall is draining. Psychologically we see it as an obstacle that cannot be easily overcome. Emotionally we want to stop.

Here's how to get past it. First, identify what the wall that's stopping you really is. Is it simply physical? Too many things to do, not enough energy? Is it mental? Are complexities defeating you? Is is emotional? Are you just tired of trying to do the right thing, tired of being forgotten by everyone else?

Second, decide what you want to do. If you truly feel like stopping nothing will get you going again.

Third, tell yourself, truly, why you want to do what you want to do. Without that, there's no getting up again.

Identify. Decide. Understand.


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