Your body is your home and lab - the sniper mind by David Amerland

The body we live in is our primary point of reference. Through it we experience the world and are always affected by it. Pains, aches, fatigue and illness color how we feel, affect how we think and change our perception of the world and how we fit in it. Conversely, the thoughts we have, the ideas that spring in our mind, the sense of hope we have of how everything will happen are also the result of physical excitation and the state of the vessel that houses our consciousness. 

The moment you understand this, you realize that the body is a petri dish. We can experiment with it to see just how far it gets us. How far it can take our thoughts, ideas and hopes. And even when we are tired or ill, we can explore the boundaries of the world through its sensations broadening our horizons. Our body is our home and our lab.

Our body is a tool and a weapon.

We need to learn how to use it.


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