Learn to deal with fatigue

If you're truly making the effort to improve, change, be a better version of yourself, at some point you will get tired. 

That is natural. What is also natural is that when you're tired every difficulty is magnified and every success is diminished. You will over-estimate the effort involved in getting something done and you will be unable to feel as much joy as you should in an achievement because you will feel tired. 

At that point those unprepared for the feeling will give up. They will make bad decisions. They will choose wrong paths to take. 

Fatigue is natural. Roll with it. It also goes with some rest. Plan for it. 

It is easier to recover from fatigue than it is to recover from bad decisions and poor choices. 

Plan then, on how to deal with the moment of emptiness and tiredness when it comes, knowing that it is an inevitable part of the cycle of the journey we call life. 


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