Face your fear

Fear affects us all the same way: it unravels us. It undermines our belief in our self-worth. It makes us feel small, helpless and inconsequential. It makes us want to hide until the fear has gone. 

Here's a truth: In most cases where we give in and hide, the fear doesn't go. Because it is created by our perception of something we don't really know or lack of information we have on a particular subject the fear we feel stays, grows, becomes even more unspecified and debilitating. Hiding from it becomes a habit. 

Here's another truth: Fear is natural. It is normal. It is the brain's entirely logical response to its awareness that we face unknown unknowns and known unknowns while we are certain of our own shortcomings (because we know our self intimately). This means that overcoming our fears needs a strategic, structured approach that, in the best case scenario, becomes part of our identity.  

Start with the acknowledgement: It is fear that is stopping me from doing ...... (fill in your own particular problem). 

Work constructively from there.


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