Insecurity and personal fears

The insecurity we feel colors the way we perceive the world and affects the way we act and react to environmental stimuli (i.e. the actions of others and the demands made upon us by our social and professional connections). Insecurity stems from a conscious or subconscious awareness of weakness. That weakness is usually a deficit of skill or knowledge or a lack of willingness to continue to grow in what we know and how we think. 

Insecurity produces fear because it increases the uncertainty in just about every situation we encounter. Fear activates the flight or fight response in us and we then approach every encounter as a potentially adversarial one where we either need to run for our lives (in a figurative way) or obliterate the perceived threat we face. 

Acknowledge your insecurities. Understand they are a natural process that derives from our continued journey in an ever evolving world. 

Work to strengthen your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths. It will change the way you feel about yourself. And the world.


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