There is no such thing as luck

The definition of luck is when success or failure are predicated upon chance rather than skill and intelligence. Here's the thing: real world outcomes, whether positive or negative, are affected by real world events, choices, decisions and actions. "Chance" is ascribed as a cause only when something is poorly understood or not at all. If we perceive "luck" as the element that creates a particular outcome from an improbable, unforeseen and probably risky sequence of events in order to manufacture it we need to be more open, take more chances and just be there, trying every day. 

Snipers understand that there is no such thing as a "lucky" shot. Basketball players know this intimately. Everything is the result of effort and the most improbable outcomes - the "lucky" ones, are the result of perseverance. Showing up and doing the really hard work day after day. 


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