Plan everything

If you fail to plan you will never be able to see why things go wrong which means you will fail to understand what it is you have to do, to fix them.  

Planning is not about "fixing" the present (or the future). It's not about 'suffocating' chance and stopping adventure. There is such great fluidity in our world that all of these things will happen even in the best planned of moments. 

Planning is a tool. It probes into the future by allowing us to imagine possible scenarios and our reaction to them and, as such, it reduces our level of uncertainty about the future. It looks at the present by forcing us to examine our resources and capabilities and, as such, it makes us take stock of our situation and understand what we can and cannot do. Planning is, essentially, the means through which we better understand who we are and what we can do and where we are going. 

Fail to plan and you're not just planning to fail, you're actually blinding yourself and hoping it will be ok. And hope is never a good strategy. 


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