The brain is designed to help us predict our future.

The brain is a prediction machine. Its only super power than helps it (and us) survive is to do the impossible and predict the future. To do that it uses memories, experience and knowledge (the same three elements that create perception) along with analysis, metadata reading, observational skills, awareness and calculations.

Prediction is a crazy thing. It utilizes a lot of resources, makes use of extrapolation and biased data to show us the future. The only way it can be truly relied upon as a survival mechanism is when we are used to predicting and extrapolating on a daily basis on little things: The outcome of phonecalls, the direction of a conversation, the way a day will end, how a particular segment of few hours will end up. This activity creates the mental heuristics that can then be used to take leaps of faith when we need them.

Do you train your predictive mental powers in a similar way? 


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