There will always be storms in our future

We're hardwired to avoid conflict of any kind. From armed warfare to making a career decision that will involve moving away from home and those we know and any shade of decision making in-between, will involve the same ingredients: 

  • Uncertain outcomes
  • A sense of insecurity
  • A healthy fear of the unknown
  • A deep sense of apprehension 
  • The acknowledgement that our comfort zone is being left behind

It is also inevitable that in a lifeline that is sufficiently long, this will happen more than once. 

The outcomes we shall obtain from this are intimately linked to our ability to handle the emotional turmoil, pressure, stress, uncertainty and fear and develop a personal strategy that delivers what we expect. 

This never "just happens". It is always the result of effort, focus and planning on our part. The best shield from the storms in our future is our ability to ride them until they dissipate. 


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