Craft your safety net with care

Here's a truth: everyone fails. At some point, given a sufficiently long timeline and the willingness to try; failure is a given. 

It's what happens next that matters. Smart operators recognize the inevitability of failure. They already have a learning process in place when that happens and a safety net to catch them so that failure is not catastrophic. 

This is true in every context: At a business level, you need processes that are part of your failure-response mechanism and your learn-and-adapt reaction. At a personal level, we all need a support network which will help us heal, learn, grow and evolve. 

None of this can take place if we operate in isolation. 

The safety net we need is a construct created out of skills and knowledge, allies and friends, connections and acquaintances. Consider the paradox that a sniper, the most physically isolated person on a battlefield operates as part of a team. He or she, is never alone. 


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