Self-care is the first step to effectiveness

We all have basic needs and need some attention in order to function at our best. Because we control how much rest we get, how much responsibility we take on, how much extra work we pile up on our daily routine we feel in control by doing so. Paradoxically this then becomes a key factor to our losing whatever little control we do have because we get too tired, are spread too thin, have taken on too much. Usually, instead of understanding that and changing our approach we feel we have failed. We see it as more evidence of our weaknesses and our unsuitability for success. Self sabotage is insidious. 

In order to be successful in what we do we need to feel good about ourselves. To feel good we need to feel OK. To feel OK we need to extend kindness and forgiveness to our self, first, before we can spread it to those around us. 

This is a hard lesson to learn. 


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