End of the Road

In an ideal world the Daily Boost would be something that would never, ever stop. Like with The Sniper Mind, I could go on creating the snippets that have helped so many of you discover crucial aspects of who you are, what you do and why. Unfortunately I can't. 

In addition to completing a new book and updating two older ones I am now undertaking more contractual commitments in my writing that are going to bind some of my time. In addition I am going to be putting all of the spare time that remains in adding fresh content to the Insights section of this site and beefing up the Resources section.  Over the last 72 weeks that I ran the Daily Boost your emails with suggestions, comments and, occasionally, personal revelations helped me focus, convinced me that this was a vital resource that was helping people and kept me at it despite the persistent feeling of being drawn in all directions at once. 

The decision to reach an endpoint wasn't taken lightly. I balanced it against all the other things I do and their likely reach and impact. I am more committed in helping each one of you to be the best versions of yourselves possible Than ever before. To do this I need to be able to focus longer and write more. The Daily Boost may have appeared 'easy' to do because it was brief, but each single post started life as a wordy message of 500 words with notes and research papers. It was then boiled down to what you see. Sometimes barely more than three lines long. That effort is draining. I felt it was necessary to begin with. 

In ending this section now I have two small requests to make, for your benefit. A. Let this section continue to guide you. Make it a daily habit to revisit old posts by simply clicking on the pages below, scanning the headlines of Daily Boost posts and opening up one. Just one. And reading it, thinking about it and, if you have time, commenting on it. This is a different process to the "push" we have to date where each new post is pushed to your mailbox. 

This is a "pull". You have to commit to this out of your own volition. You'll have to make it your mission to think about the contents of each post. You have to decide whether you have changed over time since you last read one of them or, even, the particular Daily Boost post you happen to be reading that day. If you do this, I guarantee it will change you. 

B. Share the post you're reading. I know this is sounds like the usual "sharing is caring" request of web marketers who want to leverage their existing audience to get a bigger one. Partially you're right it is. As a writer what keeps me alive and helps me make a living is you, my audience and I'd love it if you felt strongly enough about what I write to recommend it to your friends and colleagues. But there is a much different reason I am asking you to do this. I want you not to just share the post (and ideally, it will be just one each day), I want you to explain it. If you share it on Twitter create a Twitter thread. Explain its importance to you, your personal interpretation of it and what you've understood. The latest neuroscientific studies show that by explaining something this way we reinforce our own memory of it and increase our understanding of it. These are skills which then help us in our critical thinking and day-to-day decision making. 

Better decisions, one day after another, lead to better outcomes. Finally, you can always reach out to me directly. Over the years your emails have shown me that we're all works in progress, that no matter how successful, stable and accomplished we may look on the outside we all struggle with issues of identity and purpose. I empathize completely and I promise you this: I will continue to produce articles, videos, podcasts and books that help you do things better, faster with greater assurance. If you haven't subscribed to the Daily Boost or any of my mailing lists before well, it's too late now because I truly don't have any (and this is the reason why). If you really want to you can keep up with me by checking this site specifically or my personal one or finding me on social media and let the adventure continue. I will keep you up to date on my latest articles, books, news and causes. 

Thank you for being here.