trust in yourself

We all understand trust is hard to get and very easy to lose. That's what makes it valuable and worth striving for. We also understand that it is necessary for any kind of relational exchange to take place. What we are not so quick to see is that when it comes to trusting ourselves we are quick to bypass the very same mechanism we instinctively apply to others and treat ourselves differently. We fail to create an evidence-based approach in who we are and we can do.

We don't create solid foundations for ourselves because we take them as a given. We don't develop coherent thinking strategies because we think we don't need them. 

As a result, when it comes to it, we undermine ourselves. And we do it in the most obvious way possible. 

Treat yourself like a project. Build trust in your abilities through trial and error

Be the best you can be by taking actions that lead to that outcome.


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