Fifty compelling reasons to train your brain

We know that a brain left to its own devices is like a field left unmanaged. Yes, it is a field, but beyond what chance and nature placed there, it is unlikely to be of any great usefulness or, indeed, value. Training our brain though requires commitment and it takes effort. We need to have clear reasons for embarking upon it. So, here are fifty of them to help you: 

50 Reasons to retrain your brain

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  1. Increase cognitive skills
  2. Boost confidence
  3. Improve career
  4. Feel smarter
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Improve focus
  7. Improve memory
  8. Boost mental health
  9. Improve learning
  10. Trigger neurogenesis
  11. Trigger neuroplasticity
  12. Change attitude
  13. Change perception
  14. Develop mental toughness
  15. Improve analytical skills
  16. Develop observational skills
  17. Speed up reaction time
  18. Improve vision
  19. Improve coordination
  20. Know yourself better
  21. Better develop identity
  22. Develop empathy
  23. Improve strategic thinking
  24. Improve tactical planning
  25. Better interpersonal skills
  26. Improve social skills
  27. Resist fatigue better
  28. Cope with sleeplessness
  29. Improve IQ score
  30. Increase EQ
  31. Manage change better
  32. Deal with uncertainty
  33. Cope with the unexpected
  34. Cope with trauma
  35. Make better decisions
  36. Improve patience
  37. Improve eye/hand coordination
  38. Increase knowledge
  39. Recognize patterns
  40. Increase improvisation
  41. Develop better mental heuristics
  42. Increase self-belief
  43. Develop new learning techniques
  44. Understand metadata
  45. Better resist doubt
  46. Feel comfortable in your skin
  47. Be emotionally stable
  48. Be adaptable
  49. Become more methodical
  50. Improve quality of life

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