The Sniper Mind Free Daily Boost

The world is not a thing. It is a construct. It is created by our perceptions and expectations and shaped by our actions. We have the ability to affect and control our minds and bodies and we are responsible for the world we end up living in.

Because of that we all need a little help. A mental boost. A small reminder. Something that will break the spell of darkness holding us and introduce its own ray of light. Neuroscience tells us that there are good reasons why this helps. 

The Daily Boost comes out once a day, every day, and it's a snippet drawn directly from the research behind The Sniper Mind

It is designed to challenge your thinking, make you reconsider your perception, broaden your thinking horizon and provide you with the means to grow mentally, psychologically and emotionally. None of this is achieved in a single post. The step-by-step, drip-drip effect of gradual, continuous growth is very much in effect here. 

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