Start the year like Brad by reading The Sniper Mind

A year on, and a snapshot of readers’ reactions to The Sniper Mind reflect some of my own initial thoughts as I was busy writing it but then manage to go much deeper.

In truth no writer knows exactly how a book they’ve written will be perceived, how really useful it will be and how much it will hit the spot where a reader’s need is answered so directly that it leads to the kind of transformation in thinking and perception that world change relies on.

Over the course of this year readers themselves were quick to point out to me how much they were changed after reading The Sniper Mind and as it spread in global bookshops the things that became truly important were the parts of the book that were most relevant to those reading it.

Copies of the book found some readers in really strange ways. At other times it made the reading list of those struggling to understand what to do next in the world of business. And it was being spotted in the wild all over the globe.

A Snapshot of Sniper Mind Readers' Opinions

I was in a bit of a hole, although business was good, my mum was seriously ill and I had a few clients who owed us money. I was also looking for a new approach for the following year. The Sniper Mind arrived at the right time.

Phil Aston

Phil Aston shares his experience helped by The Sniper Mind


I strongly recommend the book to all who understand how difficult is to be active in business today and who need support, guidance and examples …

Mirek Sopek, Vice-CEO of Makolab

Mirek Sopen blog review of The Sniper Mind by David Amerland 

When it comes to mindset, these are the 3 books that I refer back to quite often.

 Shaun Tabatt

Shaun Tabatt pick of business books includes The Sniper Mind

In the early chapters, I can already see one of David’s personal characteristics, which drew me to his writing and thinking several years ago. As much as I hate the word that best describes his style of thinking and writing, because it’s meaning has been warped by quacks in alternative medicine and pseudoscience, that word is perfect here: holistic.

Charles Payet, Dentist.

Charles Payet reviews The Sniper Mind book by David Amerland

This book reveals the practical steps that allow a sniper’s brain to work in this superhuman precise, calculated way. It teaches readers how to understand and apply these steps, whether they are stuck in a cubicle facing mounting piles of work or sitting in a corner office making industry-defining decisions.

Miller Ad Agency

Miller Ad Agency

Make better decisions with less fear and uncertainty.

Tim Longwell

There are many remarkable stories about the feats of snipers throughout the book, how they manage to complete their mission despite overwhelming odds such as long hours, hostile conditions, and lack of sleep and food. The reason they’re successful is they’ve trained their minds. 

John Wills

John Wills review of The Sniper Mind

A book about knowing oneself, wrapped in a business book, wrapped in a book about snipers. 

Gideon Rosenblatt