The Sniper Mind two years on

It’s been almost two years since The Sniper Mind was published. A book about snipers and the way they think, designed to help you optimize your own cognitive decision making process.

For me it was a journey that was natural in its progression as it involved going from optimizing for facts and events to optimizing for decisions and choices which are affected by facts and events and, in return, affect them back.

The video above shows that decision making, thoughts, actions, intent, motivation and the idea that in order to truly go from thoughts to actions, “from axons to actions”, have been central to what I have been writing about for some time now.

The Sniper Mind, then came at a time when we all began to focus on the way we make decisions, control emotions, and use both body and mind better.

In the time since publication The Sniper Mind has gone on to attract attention from organizations (Book Authority awarded “Best Decision Making Audiobooks to read in 2019").

Book Authority picks The Sniper Mind as best decision making audiobook for 2019

Readers have sent their reading of some of its passages they best loved:

Readers sharing their experience of The Sniper Mind book by David Amerland 

And the world itself has changed. We have come to understand that decision making is our superpower. Rapidly changing circumstances have made it imperative that we all now upgrade our skillset in terms of how we make decisions, what tools we use to do so, how we acquire and assess data and how we operate when we have insufficient data or a rapidly changing picture in front of us.

Moving forward we understand that the fluidity of the situations we face is unlikely to change. The challenges presented by a century that is clearly being marked as tumultuous will require a different type of approach. A different kind of thinking and a different type of mind, from us.

I am hopeful that my effort in writing The Sniper Mind will form the springboard for other books and other people’s efforts to further build on the skillsets we need and how to best acquire them.

The Sniper Mind Trailer