Gabor Patch and the Sniper Mind

We know that when it comes to vision the mind does all the seeing. This means that eye exercises, done regularly, improve those centers of the brain that process vision and bring about an improvement in vision itself.

These animated eye exercises below are a very good start:

Play a Game To Improve Your Eyes

Based on the Gabor Filter used in image processing a Gabor Patch is an image (or images) used to train the brain to detect and process contrasts better. Presbyopia or short-sightedness is the reason we need reading glasses as we get older and it is the result of the ageing of the cornea in the eye.

Research suggests that Gabor Patch exercises, performed regularly help the brain improve object recognition in contrast-specific situations which improves vision even though the condition of the eyes themselves doesn’t change. If you want, you can generate your own Gabor Patch with an online Gabor Patch generator.

Eye Exercises

You can also try some of the eye exercises that help open up your vision. Training your eyes to rely less on glasses may be a seemingly vanity-driven move, but it has a much deeper effect. Greater visual acuity allows us to focus our attention which in turn changes the way our brain notices the world around us.

Better information processing inside our head leads to better, overall awareness which then impacts our decision making capabilities. Better decision making capabilities lead to different outcomes.

Much of what goes on inside our brains that gives rise to thoughts, emotions and ideas which then lead to choices and decisions starts off as data captured and reported by our sensorium. Better vision allows us to see more when we look.


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